Saturday, July 23, 2011

silence .

Posted by ainil fatieha at 12:35 AM
have u ever feel your heart is showing all the sign that u have falling in love ?
have u ever feel that u cant imagine being with somebody else other than him ?
have u ever feel that u have become emotionally attached to him ?
and have u ever feel that u feel special whenever he admit his love towards u ?

and the thing that u feel tell u that this is not crush but this is true love ?

but ! sadly u are just another fling to him .

u are just one of his crush
u are just one that he feel comfortable with
u are just the one he attracted physically maybe

worst more .

u are just another person
u are just not that special
u are just an option

so . i m not just and option . get real . now i know what u capability of . and u will know mine too .  ape nak jadik jadik lah . i have enough .


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